Stop & Breathe

Our breath has a direct impact on our nervous system, and therefore our state of mind.When we breathe deeply using our diaphragm, it helps to stimulate our Vagus nerve, which controls our central nervous system.

Lemony Lentil and Crispy Kale Soup

Need to hit the reset button after 10-days of midway eats and boozy drinks? Try this delicious recipe from Nutritionist Annice Elaine to help get you back on track.

Celebrating Stef

Congratulations to Stef on becoming a lululemon ambassador. We're so grateful to have you in our Junction9 family.

Love Your Guts — Taco T(hursday) Recipe

Shake off those winter blues with a taco recipe that's equal parts tasty treat and magic elixir.

Our Community Table

Our studio is about more than just sweat. Learn more about our new supper club!