Stop & Breathe

Written by Steph Nosco

In our modern world, we can get so swept away by the routine and pace of our life, that we fail to take the time to STOP. Even when the things we are busy doing feel good and exciting, sometimes the mind can get a little clouded or “mucky”. It is sort of like driving down a gravel road- dust gets churned up. Meditation and Yoga are like stopping on the dirt road and letting all the dust settle so you can see clearly. Then you have time to look around, re-route, re-evaluate, and perhaps re-direct.


Our breath has a direct impact on our nervous system, and therefore our state of mind. When we breathe deeply using our diaphragm, it helps to stimulate our Vagus nerve, which controls our central nervous system. The exhalation in particular, cues our parasympathetic response, which allows us to relax.  The following exercise only takes 5 min and can be a great way to re-set the nervous system and clear the mind:


Sit comfortably or lie down. Begin to feel the weight of the body on the ground. Start to check in with how the body feels, and softly acknowledge all that is going on in the heart and mind. Begin to consciously breathe in for a slow count of 3, and exhale for a slow count of 3. Encourage the breath to be full in the belly. Do this for at least one minute. Then, begin to extend your exhalation to a count of 4. After another minute has past, extend your exhalation to a count of 5, or even 6. After 5 or 6 min has passed, let the effort of the breathing go and check in to notice how you feel.

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