Ally McNeilly

I have lived a very active lifestyle from a young age and therefore I have cycled through many different phases, practices and disciplines along the way. However, Pilates has been the most life-changing practice I have ever experienced and has evolved not only the way I train, but the way I live. From training for Marathon's to weight-training in the gym, I have always been addicted to pushing myself to my maximum and exceeding my own expectations and limitations. However, I was extremely humbled when I attended my first Yoga class and realized that my body was in desperate need of functional-movement, lengthening and balance. I then committed myself to an intense daily practice of Ashtanga Yoga for 3 years before then flying to Mysore, India where I completed my 200HR Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training. It wasn't until 2015 that I attended my first Pilates class and I was instantly intrigued and became eager to learn more. I started practicing Pilates as much as I physically could and then quickly enrolled myself into the STOTT Pilates Mat and Reformer Training. Pilates has taught me how to strengthen my body as a whole; through movement, breath and the mind-body connection. As a Pilates Instructor, my goal is to share this knowledge with as many people as I can through teaching Pilates and helping people realize the impact it can have on their overall quality of life. I strive to help people recognize their endless potential in reaching new heights and achieving goals, both big and small, and therefore continually growing into the best version of themselves. Hope to meet you soon!

Ally McNeilly instructs the following:
  • Reformer Flow
  • Let’s step it up! This is a dynamic, fun and fast paced class. Flowing exercises together and connecting movement with breath. A small step away from traditional Pilates, this class will challenge you to maintain stability, balance and breath as you move energetically from one exercise to the next, while changing tempo & range of motion. Quicker transitions, and fewer spring changes will ensure that you will make the absolute most of our 50 minutes together. There is an expectation that you are comfortable with the Pilates Principles, blueprint exercises and moving around the reformer safely.
    *This class is recommended for those who have completed a minimum of 6 Reformer Align classes and is not recommended for those recovering from an injury.

  • Reformer Align
  • Utilizing breath with controlled & isolated movement and mental focus, this class will allow you to connect with muscles you never knew you had. An alignment based class, designed to challenge you to rediscover your posture, and find balance and stability, as you strengthen your body in new ways. This class will move at a pace that allows you to focus on functional movement and prepare you with a strong foundation and increased body awareness. The challenge of this class is in the slow and controlled movement, expect to be challenged by the basics. This class is open to all levels. *We recommend taking 6 Reformer Align classes before progressing.