Matthew Kelemen

Matthew Kelemen instructs the following:
  • Yoga & Nidra
  • During this class you will be guided through a yoga asana movement practice that is relevant to the inherent theme of each class, followed by a yoga nidra and meditation. The asana practice helps prepare the body for a deep sense of connection, leading to a more holistic experience of relaxation in the body and mind before settling into your extended savasana nidra practice. If you would like to bring a head/neck pillow, journal and pen please feel free. All Levels Welcome.
    Yoga Nidra, also know a yogic sleep, is an ancient methodology providing a systematic practice of a deep relaxation, that sets the body/mind up for an experience of your deep qualities of awareness. During this state, you are able to access a depth of healing by replenishing your body physiology, an relaxing your mind and emotions, in order to establish a clear trajectory to help shift and move your life along positive lines. 

  • Yin by Candlelight
  • A gentle practice that still creates a chance to challenge the bodies patterning and develop a slower practice that focuses on the connective tissue and deeper tissues in the body. Main focus is brought to the hips, back, shoulders and creating longer slower holds to allow the body to open in process. Everyone welcome.
    “Focus on the Connective Tissue. Drop into stillness.” Kristy Karpa