Shauna Thomas

Yoga has been an incredibly reliable friend to me over the past 10 years. It's given me different things, depending on where I am in my life, but it always seems to be exactly what I need at that moment. There's no judgement or expectation, it's just there ready to accept whatever I bring. I love every little part of it.
I took my first teacher training in 2009 and was fortunate enough to start teaching right away. Since then, I've been able to study different avenues of yoga and healing and love being able to share those things in my classes.

Shauna Thomas instructs the following:
  • Vinyasa Flow Yoga
  • A class of exploration for syncing movement and breath. We will uncover the magic of non-sequenced flow, and how the wide array of postures linked with pranayama will help support and build a strong mind, body and heart. Each class will be a different experience based on your teacher’s creative choice and background to bring you to new depths and your edge on that particular day. Vinyasa yoga is an opportunity to challenge yourself while accessing a non-traditional flow and the way in which you show up on your mat. How we do one thing is how we do everything. We can’t wait to meet you on your mat, and see where our movement takes us. Everyone is welcome to this class. It will meet you wherever you are in your own personal practice.
    “movement steeped in breath + strength” Jennifer Mehalko
    “A class that is always slightly different and inspired by what I am working through in my own life and personal practice. Each class is like a fingerprint, unique and different… just like us...” Kate W. Mak

    “Strong and sweaty” Adriana Britton
    “I adore this style of yoga as it helps us to remember our inner strength through the manifestation of the physical body. I’m inspired to teach this because it brings people to the edge of their perceived limitations and encourages them to get curious.” Stacey Irvine