Stephanie Nosco (Staniforth)

I have been practicing yoga asana (physical postures) since 2004, and meditation since 2007. Although my practice started as something physical, most recently meditation has been at the forefront of my practice, as I am interested in how mindfulness can be integrated into yoga asana, as well as overall mental wellbeing. I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in Eastern Religious Studies as well as an Education Degree from the University of Calgary. I am registered under Yoga Alliance as "E-YRT 500" but over the years have accumulated more than 1000 hours of training from many teachers from a variety of different disciplines; including hatha, kundalini, anusara, athlete specific, vinyasa flow, and yin yoga, as well as Shambhala and Theravada Buddhist meditation. I am so grateful for my teachers Dr. Adela Sandness, Yogi Vishvaketu, Kevin Elandar, Bernie Clark, Jules Mitchell and most recently Sarah and Ty Powers, with whom I am currently mentoring as a part of the Insight Yoga Institute. Despite the help I have had from many amazing teachers, I have come to know that that the real learning must come from practice, which is what I share with my students. I like to think of myself more as a "practice sharer", rather than a yoga teacher. My mission in the role of "teacher" is to help you reach your goals, whatever they may be, through discovering your own potential for practice. As the Buddha said: “No one saves us but ourselves, no one can and no one may. We ourselves must walk the path.”

Stephanie Nosco (Staniforth) instructs the following:
  • Hatha Flow
  • In this slowed down class, we have brought focus to alignment. The teacher will offer the building blocks with modifications/alternatives for sun salutations so you will have confidence to head into our Power Class while still giving you a challenge. You will get all the benefits of our flow class, but at a pace to deepen your knowledge, and foundation of the postures. You will be guided through a variety of traditional and non-traditional yoga movements to develop functional ranges of motion and a deeper sense of body awareness. Detailed cuing, creative sequencing and props will help you discover new possibilities of movement. All levels welcome.
    This is a great class if you are nervous to jump into a Power Vinyasa Class or are dealing with any physical injury that would prevent you from feeling confident in downward facing dog, or sun salutations.
    “Alignment based vinyasa. Slow and steady movement with a focus on developing structure and alignment in the body. Develop a strong foundation in your poses to build strength and flexibility.” Adriana Britton

    “A smooth flowing, strength building and stamina testing practice. Strong focus on postural alignment, with meditation and breath work components.” Jamie Cameron

  • Yin by Candlelight
  • A gentle practice that still creates a chance to challenge the bodies patterning and develop a slower practice that focuses on the connective tissue and deeper tissues in the body. Main focus is brought to the hips, back, shoulders and creating longer slower holds to allow the body to open in process. Everyone welcome.
    “Focus on the Connective Tissue. Drop into stillness.” Kristy Karpa

  • Yin Restorative
  • This class is a blend between long held held yin stretches, and more supportive restorative poses to ease the mind and body. Poses will be held between 3 and 5 minutes, while your teacher guides you through mindfulness and relaxation techniques. This is a great class to balance a more active yoga practice or simply unwind after a long day. All levels welcome.